The PronoKal Method ®

The PronoKal Method ® is a personalized weight loss and slimming treatment based on a strict programme that controls the intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals by the patient, while reducing the ingestion of lipids and carbohydrates. It is conducted under medical supervision of our Doctors and complemented by a multidisciplinary team of professionals (registered dietitians, psychological adviser and personal trainer).

The method is divided into three stages

Active, Re-education Phase and Maintenance Phase.

These three stages are designed to enable the patient to reach the desired weight and maintain it long term thanks to having acquired new knowledge, healthier eating habits and the introduction of physical exercise into the daily routine.

Active Stage

In the first (or Active) stage, after a thorough health check and medical history, our doctor (who has been trained specially to prescribe the method) decides if the patient can engage in the treatment. With the patient´s commitment, both agree in targeting 80% of the weight reduction during this stage. To achieve it, the patient follows a diet composed of some vegetables and hydrolyzed protein products, combined with the correct supplementation of vitamins and minerals. Each of these protein products contains 15 grams of high biological value proteins. Over time the hydrolyzed protein products get gradually replaced with regular protein rich foods. The intake of carbohydrates and fats are restricted in order to induce a state of ketosis in the patient. This process, which is closely monitored by our prescribing doctor, means that most of the required energy is sourced from the stored body fat. The result is a reduction in body fat.

Re-education Stage

On completion of the Active stage (Stage 1), the patient then enters the Re-education stage (Stage 2). This second stage is characterized by the progressive introduction of different food groups in the diet, allowing for the further 20% of the target weight loss to be achieved. The rate of weight reduction during this second stage is slower than in the first stage, which is essential to enable for physiological adjustments and re-stabilization. Throughout this stage, the dietitians will advise the patient and help in the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

Maintenance Stage

Once the target weight is reached, the prescribing doctor moves the patient to the Maintenance stage (Stage 3). This third and final stage lasts two years, during which the patient will follow a completely normal and balanced diet under the dietitians´ supervision (free of charge), with the aim on maintaining the achieved healthy weight.

The work of our doctors and Pronokal dietitians is complemented with the participation of the personal trainer and psychological coach. The role of the personal trainer is to advise the patient on appropriate exercises for each stage of treatment (many of which can be done at home). The aim is to speed-up the metabolic rate, accelerating the weight loss and improving muscle tone. The psychological coach helps the patient to find the intellectual and emotional tools that reinforce the commitment to following the path towards acquiring a healthy weight and improved quality of life.

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